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Behaviour Based Safety

Behaviour Based Safety

Hollandhsc Consultants’ behaviour-based safety approach starts by undertaking a cultural survey to establish the current H&S culture within your organisation.

We then provide directors, senior managers, line managers and staff with training on the basic principles of BBS and the organisation’s H&S vision.

Our consultants will establish a steering committee and identify observable behaviours targeted to change and the environmental conditions or contingencies that can be manipulated to influence the targeted behaviours in desired directions (contingencies are relationships between designated target behaviours and their supporting consequences).

We’ll launch the BBS program and undertake BBS tours and measure the number of ‘at risk’ behaviours and ‘safe’ behaviours. From the analysis of the date develop and implement action plans.

With behavioural-based safety, behaviours can be objectively studied and changed by identifying and manipulating environmental conditions (or Stimuli) that immediately precede and follow target behaviour.

Services Provided:

  • Cultural surveys, including report and graphs of results
  • Development and implementation of a behavioural based safety / cultural change program
  • Behavioural based safety / cultural change training programs for directors, staff and BBS champions
  • Behavioural Based Safety Tours
  • Establishment and facilitation of behavioural based safety steering committee, including steering committee charter.
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