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HSE Assurance Packages

Assurance Packages

Every business with 5 or more employees is required by Law to have access to competent health and safety advice.

Some businesses may have this advice and expertise in house. Others may not or may not wish to commit to employing a permanent member of staff to provide these skills.

Standard HSE Assurance Packages

Our standard HSE Assurance Packages can provide clients with a ‘competent person’, enabling them to comply with this aspect of the Law along with receiving practical HSE input, advice and guidance via our Advice Line. Our packages aim to provide peace of mind – the knowledge that you are proactively managing your HSE risks and are well supported in your legal HSE obligations.

The key HSE services we would recommend any business has are available to you when subscribing to our one of these packages. We offer three ‘HSE Assurance’ packages, dependent on the level of support your business requires.

Bespoke HSE Assurance Packages

If our standard HSE Assurance Packages don’t offer the appropriate type, range or level of support then clients may choose from a range of services to create their own bespoke HSE Assurance Package, providing a solution that is right for your business. Clients subscribing to ‘HSE Assurance’ may still ‘pick and mix’ additional ad-hoc services at any time. We would work with you to create a bespoke package, individually tailored and competitively priced to provide a thorough and cost effective solution to your HSE needs.

Our HSE Assurance Services are proven to be cost effective, enabling you to remain in control of your HSE budget. The packages have helped businesses avoid the need to employ a permanent HSE professional and benefit from other cost savings with recommendations we have made that are cost effective, whilst giving them the appropriate level of support and ensuring their legal compliance.

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Component Modules

Our HSE Assurance Packages are comprised of a collection of modules, depending upon the package your organisation requires. Typically, there will be a number of ‘set up modules’, which are aimed at assessing your current HSE position, and ‘ongoing modules’ which ensure compliance and best practice going forward.

Set up modules

  • Review of existing H&S policy + summary report
  • Review of existing Risk Assessments + summary report
  • Review of existing Environmental policy + summary report
  • Review of existing Fire Risk Assessments + Evacuation procedures + summary report

Ongoing modules

  • Hollandhsc as your ‘Competent advisor’
  • Legal and Risk register – managed / updated
  • On-call advice and guidance (Mon to Fri, 8am to 6pm with “out of hours” available**)
  • Annual review of H&S policy
  • Annual review of Environmental policy
  • Annual review of Risk Assessments
  • Annual review of Fire Risk Assessment + Evacuation procedures
  • Pre-qualifications and tender questionnaires
  • Training
  • Onsite support (and follow up report, if required)
  • Business Continuity Planning/ Exercise
  • Electronic newsletters and updates on H&S industry issues and best practice changes that could impact your business
  • Accident, incident or near miss investigation + report
  • Creation of a new H&S or Environmental policy
  • Creation of a new Risk Assessment
  • Creation of a new Fire Risk Assessment (+Evacuation procedures)
  • Creation of a new method statement or procedure

Key Benefits

Setup Options

This is always an advantageous way to start the partnership. The baseline can be identified and significant HSE gaps can be prioritised and addressed.

In addition, knowing the baseline enables us to measure the value we are bringing to your business as we move forward.

A Hollandhsc consultant as your ‘Competent advisor’

As a partner, you are entitled to use our name and our consultants name within internal and external communications and this satisfies the legal requirement for businesses to have a ‘Competent advisor’, where there are 5 or more employees.

A Legal and Risk register (managed / updated)

A live and dynamic register specific to your business. It identifies every specific HSE risk within your business and provides the relevant Legislation for each of these identified risks.

Clients receive notification of any Legislation changes impacting on their business risks, along with practical guidance on dealing with these.

This is an exceptional way of demonstrating your business is proactive in managing its business specific risks.

On-call advice and guidance

HSE professionals are available to handle your call and provide you with advice and guidance on all aspects of HSE.

On-call advice and guidance (Mon to Fri, 8am to 6pm with “out of hours” available)

“Out of hours” support is an extra cost option.

Annual review of H&S policy

An H&S Policy is a legal requirement when there are 5 or more employees.

An annual review of this policy ensures that your policy continues to reflect the way you operate and your compliance with current Legislation.

Annual review of environmental policy

Although there is currently no legal requirement for an Environmental policy, we recommend businesses to have one, in order to demonstrate to clients and contract managers your commitment to the Environment.

Annual review of Risk Assessments

An annual review of your risk assessments is highly recommended, as is a review of specific risk assessment at any other time where business change may impact on your workplace risks.

Annual review of Fire Risk Assessments + Evacuation Procedures

An annual review of your fire risk assessments is a vital element of a proactive approach to safety. A review is also necessary after any changes that may impact on your fire management.

Pre-qualifications and tender questionnaires

Hollandhsc can undertake your pre-qualification requirements on your behalf. Your package can assume a fixed number of these per month and a time charge can be made for applied for additional ones thereafter.


Your package can provide for a fixed number training sessions per year and you may add additional sessions, should you require them, or you procure the training as and when you need it.

By adding this to your HSE Assurance package you spread the cost of your training.

On-site face-to-face support (and follow-up report)

You may wish for some on-site presence from one of our HSE professionals. We can attend your site for meetings or to conduct workplace inspections or undertake a formal or friendly audit.

Whatever the purpose of the support it will be face to face. You tell us how often you would like to see us or we can advise you depending on the size and nature of your business.

Business Continuity Planning

Business continuity planning is something that many businesses fail to consider.

Our Business continuity services assesses your resilience in the event of a major crisis impacting on your business and includes a report on the findings of the exercise.

Hollandhsc creates a plan to ensure the security of your business operations in the event of a crisis.

Electronic newsletters and updates on H&S industry issues and best practice changes that could impact your business

Often lessons can be learnt from the experiences of other businesses, perhaps in the same or a similar industry as yours.

Our updates will provide current and relevant HSE information that we aim to be of interest to your business.

Accident Investigation & Reports

With proactive tools in place we hope that accidents won’t happen.

However, if the worst does happen one of our HSE professionals can investigate all aspects of the accident and provide a summary report into the findings, including mitigation measures and recommendations to prevent a reoccurrence.

In Summary

At Hollandhsc we are flexible and we offer our services in a way that provides you with flexibility in the way you choose to work with us.

We offer all the key HSE services that our clients require to ensure legal compliance and go further to offer some services such as environmental policies that go above and beyond, for the businesses that want to achieve more. However, if you don’t see what you are looking for let us know.

Nothing stays the same for very long in business and so your ‘HSE Assurance’ package can evolve too, continuing to ensure the HSE obligations of your business are always met and spreading the cost.

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